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Our research is featured in Medical Journals from all over the world.


Ruben Amarasingham, Ferdinand Velasco, Bin Xie, Christopher Clark, Ying Ma, Song Zhang, Deepa Bhat, Brian Lucena, Marco Huesch, Ethan A. Halm

Electronic medical record-based multicondition models to predict the risk of 30 day readmission or death among adult medicine patients: validation and comparison to existing models.

BMC Medical Infromtics and Decision Making.2015;15(39):1-8.


Sudha Ram, Wenli Zhang, Max Williams, Yolande Pengetnze

Predicting asthma-related emergency department visits using big data.

IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics. July 8, 2015;19(4):1216-23.


Oanh Kieu Nguyen, Connie V Chan, Anil Makam, Healther Stieglitz, Ruben Amarasingham

Envisioning a social-health information exchange as a platform to support a patient-centered medical neighborhood: a feasibility study.

Journal of General Internal Medicine. January 2015;30(1):60-67.


Ruben Amarasingham, Rachel E Patzer, Marco Huesch, Nam Q Nguyen, Bin Xie.

Implementing electronic health care predictive analytics: considerations and challenges.

Health Affairs: Using Big Data to Transform Care. July 2014;33(7):1148-1154.


David W Bates, Suchi Saria, Lucila Ohno-Machado, Anand Shah, Gabriel Escobar.

Big data in health care: using analytics to identify and manage high-risk and high-cost patients.

Health Affairs: Using Big Data to Transform Care. July 2014;33(7):1123-1131.


I Glenn Cohen, Ruben Amarasingham, Anand Shah, Bin Xie, Bernard Lo.

The legal and ethical concerns that arise from using complex predictive analytics in health care.

Health Affairs: Using Big Data to Transform Care . July 2014;33(7):1139-1147.


McAlister, Finlay A

Decreasing readmissions: it can be done but one size does not fit all. 

BMJ Quality & Safety.2013;0:1-2.


Anil N Makam, Oanh K Nguyen, Billy J Moore, Ying Ma, Ruben A Amarasingham

Identifying patients with diabetes and the earliest date of diagnosis in real time: an electronic health record case-finding algorithm.

BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making. 2013,13:81.January 2015;30(1):60-67.


Ruben A Amarasingham, Parag C Patel, Kathleen Toto, Lauren Nelson, Timothy S Swanson, Billy J Moore, Bin Xie, Song Zhang, Kristin S Alvarez, Ying Ma, Mark H Drazner, Usha Kollipara, Ethan A Halm

Allocating scarce resources in real-time to reduce heart failure readmissions: a prospective controlled study.

BMJ Quality & Safety.201322(12):998-1005.


Amit G Singal, Robert S Rahimi, Christopher A Clark, Ying Ma, Jennifer A Cuthbert, Don C Rockey, Ruben Amarasingham

An automated model using electronic medical record data identifies patients with cirrhosis at high risk for readmission.

Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology. October 2013;11(10):1335-1341.


Carlos A Alvarez, Christopher A Clark, Song Zhang, Ethan A Halm, John J Shannon, Carlos E Girod, Lauren Cooper, Ruben Amarasingham

Predicting out of intensive care unit cardiopulmonary arrest or death using electronic medical record data.

BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making. 2013;13(28):1-21.


Mahendra Nehra, Ying Ma, Christopher A Clark, Ruben Amarasingham, Don C Rockey, Amit G Singal

Use of administrative claims data for identifying patients with cirrhosis.

Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology. 2013;47(5):50-54


Ank Nijhawan, Christopher A Clark, Richard Kaplan, Billy J Moore, Ethan A Halm, Ruben Amarasingham

An electronic medical record-based model to predict 30 day risk of readmission and death among HIV- infected inpatients.

Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. 2012;61(3):349-358


Song Zhang, Christopher A Clark, Ruben Amarasingham

A bayesian semi-parametric framework to impute missing covariates in electronic medical records.

Abstract presented at Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference 2011; April 29 – May 1, 2011, 2011; Arlington, TX. (Track 1.4).


Ruben Amarasingham, Billy J Moore, Ying P Tabak, Mark H Drazner, Christopher A Clark, Song Zhang, W Gary Reed, Timothy S Swanson, Ying Ma, Ethan A Halm

An automated model to identify heart failure patients at risk for 30-day readmission or death using electronic medical record data.

Medical Care 2010;48(11):981-988.


Ruben Amarasingham, Timothy S Swanson, Don B Treichler, Sarah N Amarasingham, W Gary Reed

A rapid admission protocol to reduce emergency department boarding times.

Quality & Safety in Health Care 2010;19(3):200-204.


Ruben Amarasingham, Laura Plantinga, Marie Diener-West, Darrell J Gaskin, Neil R Powe

Clinical information technologies and inpatient outcomes: a multiple hospital study.

Archives of Internal Medicine  2009;169(2):108-114.


Ruben Amarasingham, Marie Diener-West, Laura Plantinga, Aaron C Cunningham, Darrell J Gaskin, Neil R Powe

Hospital characteristics associated with highly automated and usable clinical information systems in Texas, United States.

BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 2008;8:39.


Ruben Amarasingham, Peter J Pronovost, Marie Diener-West, Christine Goeschel; Todd Dorman; David R Thiemann; Neil R Powe

Measuring clinical information technology in the ICU setting: application in a quality improvement collaborative.

Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association: JAMIA. May-Jun 2007;14(3):288-294.


Ruben Amarasingham, Marie Diener-West, Michael Weiner, Harold Lehmann, Jerome E Herbers, Neil R Powe

Clinical information technology capabilities in four U.S. hospitals: testing a new structural performance measure.

Medical Care 2006;44(3):216-224.