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PCCI research is transforming healthcare.

Our advanced healthcare analytics research focuses on uncovering opportunities for improving clinical quality, efficiency, and outcomes. Leveraging our diverse, multidisciplinary team of clinicians, informaticists, data analysts, and health services researchers, we tackle universal healthcare problems from every angle. Our e-Models are published and reviewed in top peer reviewed journals such as BMJ Quality & Safety, Medical Care, and JAMA, and our research has been funded by top national funders such as NIH, NCI, and NSF.

We solve healthcare’s greatest challenges.


PCCI operates at the intersection of advanced mathematics, computer science, and clinical science to make healthcare safer, simpler and less stressful. We are at the vanguard of the creative destruction taking place in healthcare today.

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We are published in the most respected medical journals from all over the world.

PCCI publishes studies and e-Models in peer reviewed journals internationally. In a 2011 systematic review in the Journal of the American Medical Association, our congestive heart failure 30-day readmission model, published in Medical Care in 2010, was sighted as having the best discriminative ability of 7,843 readmission reduction models reviewed.


Our grantors are the best in healthcare.


We are funded by some of the largest names in healthcare. Our support from these organizations is helping us change the landscape of healthcare analytics and predictive modeling. Learn more about the problems we are solving with our grantors.

The Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality

Clinical and Translational Science Award


The National Cancer Institute

National Center for Advancing Translational Research

The National Institutes of Health

The National Science Foundation