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PCCI Receives Visionary Grant to Build Intelligent Social-Health Information Exchange

What is the IEP?

Different providers in the healthcare system and across community-based organizations have limited means of communication, causing vital patient information to slip through the cracks, information that is essential to providing excellent healthcare or even saving a life. The Dallas Information Exchange Portal (IEP) will create a secure seamless system that connects healthcare and community-based organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, allowing for smart sharing of information that makes a tangible difference in the lives of first thousands but, ultimately, we hope millions of people.

Why are we creating it?

Integrating information from social and healthcare organizations will provide quality and safe healthcare for the broadest range of citizens in our community. The IEP will provide a higher, more consistent level of healthcare to even the most vulnerable populations across the community, resulting in a more efficient, cost-effective use of resources and, most importantly, lives saved.


Our goal is that IEP technologies will impact thousands of lives and save millions of dollars in Dallas over the next 10 years.

See what some of the brightest minds in healthcare innovation are saying about the IEP.

Stay informed on the IEP’s progress

Thank you for your interest in the IEP program. We are currently still in development, but every new participating organization makes the value of the Information Exchange Portal exponentially greater. Please fill out the form below to stay informed with the IEP’s progress.


Healthcare Solutions from PCCI

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PCCI has multiple tools to help you manage risk across all of your patient populations. Our peer reviewed e-Models identify and stratify risks of adverse clinical events.


PCCI monitors data for all hospital patients to predict adverse clinical events such as risk for cardiopulmonary arrest, sepsis, and rapid CKD progression.


We measure intervention effectiveness, efficiency, and outcomes, delivering metrics and reporting that provide critical insight to deploy people and resources most effectively.

readmissions & care coordination

Our scalable, real-time solutions to the difficult problem of high readmission rates have helped hospitals significantly reduce their readmission rates for CHF.

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PCCI can monitor patient conditions from personal fitness and wireless measurement devices. We evaluate population health statistics for payers and have analytics to improve care across large patient populations.